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Welcome to, the place to buy Jobe Watersports equipment and apparel in the UK. The Jobe brand has grown from strength to strength over the years and we are now one of the most successful and recognisable names in the water sports industry. Jobe offers a vast range of products to suit all needs, abilities and budgets and we spend a huge amount of time and effort on product development to ensure that we always stay in front. We also have an impressive professional team of athletes that help give us the edge and keep the Jobe equipment lineup amongst the very best available in the marketplace today.

Jobe Towable Inflatables, Ski Tubes, Ringos, Water Toys

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1 Man Towables

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2 Man Towables

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3 Man Towables

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4 Man Towables

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5+ Man Towables

Towable Inflatable Packages
Towable Packages

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Tow Bridles / Harnesses

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Towable Tube Pumps

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Towable Tube Bags

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Towable Ropes

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Towable Accessories

Towable Inflatable Tube Clearance Sale Bargains
Towable Tube Sale

Jobe Wakeboards & Wakeboarding Equipment

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Mens Wakeboards

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Womens Wakeboards

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Kids Wakeboards

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Wakeboard Packages

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Wakeboard Bindings

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Wakeboard Ropes

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Tow Bridles

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Spectra Rope

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Wakeboard Bags

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Impact Vests

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Buoyancy Aids

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Wakeboarding Board Shorts
Board Shorts

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Rash Vests

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Wakeboard Helmets

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Wakeboard Accessories

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Wakeboarding Sale

Exclusive Jobe Water Sports Packages

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Boating Packages

Exclusive Wakeboards and Wakeboarding Equipment Bundles
Wakeboard Packages

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Towable Tube Packages

Exclusive Kneeboards and Kneeboarding Equipment Bundles
Kneeboard Packages

Exclusive Water Skis and Waterskiing Equipment Bundles
Water Ski Packages

Exclusive Jetski Equipment Bundles
Jetski PWC Packages

Exclusive Mens Matching Water Sports Apparel Bundles
Mens Matching Apparel

Exclusive Womens Matching Water Sports Apparel Bundles
Womens Matching Apparel

Exclusive Kids Matching Water Sports Apparel Bundles
Kids Matching Apparel

Exclusive Kids Water Sports Packages
Kids Water Sports Packages

Exclusive Fitted Wakeboard Tower Packages
Fitted Wakeboard Towers

Jobe Water Skis & Waterskiing Equipment

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Combo Water Skis

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Water Ski Packages

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Mono / Slalom Skis

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Kids Water Skis

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Womens Water Skis

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Water Ski Bindings

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Water Ski Gloves

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Water Ski Tow Ropes

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Polypropylene Rope

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Tow Bridles

Buy Water Ski Bags
Water Ski Bags

Buy Ski Pylons
Ski Pylons

Buy Ski Mirrors
Ski Mirrors

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Buoyancy Aids

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Impact Vests

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Rash Vests

Buy Waterski  Wetsuits

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Water Ski Accessories

Jobe Jetski PWC Equipment & Apparel

Jetski PWC Helmets and Headwear
Jetski Helmets

Jetski Boots and Footwear
Jetski Boots

Jetski PWC Wetsuits
Jetski Wetsuits

Jetski PWC Armour
Jetski Armour

Jetski PWC Gloves
Jetski Gloves

Jetski PWC Impact Vests
Jetski Impact Vests

Jetski Shorts
Jetski Shorts

Jetski PWC Goggles and Eyewear
Jetski Eyewear

Jetski PWC Rash Guards & Vests
Jetski Rash Guards

Jobe Wetsuits for Men, Women and Kids

Buy Mens Wetsuits
Mens Wetsuits

Buy Womens Wetsuits
Womens Wetsuits

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Kids Wetsuits

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Barefoot Wetsuits

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Neoprene Shorts

Buy Shoes and Footwear
Shoes and Footwear

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Jetski / PWC Wetsuits

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Wetsuit Accessories

Jobe Kneeboards & Kneeboarding Equipment

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Kneeboard Packages

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Kneeboard Tow Ropes

Buy Wakeboard Gloves
Kneeboard Gloves

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Rash Vests

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Buoyancy Aids

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Impact Vests

Buy Wetsuits

Buy Kneeboard Bags
Kneeboard Bags

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Tow Bridles

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Kneeboard Accessories

Kneeboard Sale
Kneeboard Sale

Tow Ropes for Wakeboarding, Water Skiing, kneeboarding

Buy Wakeboarding Tow Ropes and Handles
Wakeboard Ropes

Buy Water Ski Ropes
Water Ski Ropes

Buy Kneeboard Ropes
Kneeboard Ropes

Buy Towable Ropes
Towable Ropes

Buy Spectra Rope for Wakeboarding
Spectra Rope

Polypropylene Rope
Polypropylene Rope

Buy Tow Bridles
Tow Bridles

Buy Tow Rope Accessories
Tow Rope Accessories

Surfing Clearance Sale Bargains
Sale Bargains

Jobe Buoyancy Aids for Men, Women and Kids

Buy Mens Buoyancy Aids
Mens Buoyancy Aids

Buy Womens Buoyancy Aids
Womens Buoyancy Aids

Buy Kids Buoyancy Aids
Kids Buoyancy Aids

Buy Unisex Buoyancy Aids
Unisex Buoyancy Aids

Buy Life Jackets and Life Preservers
Life Jackets

Buoyancy Aid Clearance Sale Bargains
Sale Bargains

Jobe Impact Vests for Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, Jetski

Buy Mens Impact Vests
Mens Impact Vests

Buy Womens Impact Vests
Womens Impact Vests

Jetski PWC Impact Vests
Jetski Impact Vests

Jobe Rash Vests for Men, Women and Kids

Buy Mens Rash Vests
Mens Rash Vests

Buy Womens Rash Vests
Womens Rash Vests

Buy Kids Rash Vests
Kids Rash Vests

Jobe Surf Clothing, Board Shorts, T-Shirts, Surf Wear

Buy Mens Clothing
Mens Clothing

Buy Womens Clothing
Womens Clothing

Buy Kids Clothing
Kids Clothing

Buy Sunglasses

Buy Watches

Surf Clothing Sale
Surf Clothing Sale

Jobe Ski Boat Gear & Wakeboard Towers

Buy Wakeboard Towers
Wakeboard Towers

Buy Ski Pylons
Ski Pylons

Buy Ski Mirrors
Ski Mirrors

Buy Racks

Buy Lights

Buy Speakers

Buy Wakeboarding Boat Ballast Tanks

Bags for Wakeboards, Waterskis, Kneeboards, Wake Skates

Buy Wakeboard Bags
Wakeboard Bags

Buy Wake Skate Bags
Wake Skate Bags

Buy Kit Bags
Kit Bags

Buy Water Ski Bags
Water Ski Bags

Buy Kneeboard Bags
Kneeboard Bags

Buy Towable Bags
Towable Tube Bags

Wakeboards For Sale

Jobe Wakeboards For Sale

Wakeboarding is one of the fastest growing water sports in the UK and our wakeboard shop has tons of different Jobe wakeboards for sale. We sell Men's Wakeboards, Women's Wakeboards and some amazing Kid's Wakeboards too. Most of our wakeboards are from Jobe as we believe that these offer the perfect balance of performance versus price and every board is backed up by a decent warranty from one of the largest water sports manufacturers in the world. In addition to selling wakeboards, our UK wakeboard store also offers all manner of extra wakeboarding gear such as wakeboard bindings, wakeboard helmets, wakeboard tow ropes, wakeboard bags, wakeboard packages (i.e. wakeboard and bindings), wakeboard vests and impact vests etc plus we always have a wakeboard sale on the go so make sure you check back regularly to get the best deals possible!. We have also put together some great value exclusive wakeboarding packages that aren't available anywhere else so visit our Exclusive Wakeboard Packages page and grab some unique gear at an unbeatable price. Fome free friendly advice on wakeboarding and which gear is right for you simply call the shop on 01903 249642 or read our free guide on Buying a wakeboard, Buying Wakeboard Bindings and Buying a Wakeboarding Tow Rope.

Water Skis For Sale

Jobe Water Skis For Sale

Water Skiing is one of the most established of all tow sports and it has a huge international following. We want to make it as easy as possiible for you to buy water skis / water ski packages and water ski gear / water ski equipment online and we work hard to keep our prices amongst the best in the UK. We can cater for all needs and budgets, from your first pair of beginners water skis (combo skis) right up to top end pro slalom water ski / mono Skis. Check out all of the water skis for sale in our pro water ski store, including our great range of Men's Water Skis, Women's Water Skis and Kid's Water Skis. Our prices are amongst the keenest in the UK so you can always be sure you're getting great water skis at fantastic sale prices. Also available from the shop are water skiing gloves, water ski bindings, water ski bags, kids water skis and water ski packages, combo water skis and cheap water skiing equipment at crazy sale prices!. If you are confused in any way and would like some free friendly advice then please call the shop on 01903 249642 or check out our guide to Buying Water Skis and Buying a Water Ski Tow Rope.

Kneeboards For Sale

Jobe Kneeboards For Sale

Kneeboarding is a relatively new watersport that first gained popularity back in the mid 1990’s. Kneeboarding is a combination of wakeboarding and surfing and it blends key elements of these 2 sports to produce a great and highly exhilarating new way to have some serious fun on the water. We have put together a great selection of Jobe kneeboards and accessories to enable you to purchase a Knee Board or Kneeboarding gear or Kneeboarding equipment online right here in the UK with fast and cheap delivery. Visit our kneeboard department for the full range of Jobe Kneeboards as well as some excellent value Kneeboard packages, kneeboard tow ropes and Kneeboard Bags. For free friendly advice on kneeboarding please call the shop on 01903 249642 or check out our FREE guide to Buying a Kneeboard and Buying a Kneeboard Tow Rope.

Wetsuits for Sale

Jobe Wetsuits For Sale

Looking to buy a wetsuit? Then visit our specialist online wetsuit outlet department where you can buy a great value wet suit for virtually any water sport and to fit any budget. We offer cheap wetsuits for men, women and kids and our UK wetsuit shop is packed full of amazing deals and special offers from the Jobe and Jobe Jetski ranges. In addition to bargain adult wetsuits we can also do you a great deal on a kids wet suit or childrens wetsuit too. Buying from us means that obtaining a properly fitting wetsuit online is no longer a lottery as every suit we have on offer has a handy sizing chart displayed next to it to help you get exactly the right one for you and a perfect fit every time. Products you can buy online from us include Jobe mens wetsuits, ladies / womens wetsuits, child / kids wetsuits and barefoot suits plus a great range of shorty / shortie wetsuits, wetsuit shorts (neoprene shorts), long wetsuits / full suits, summer wetsuits, winter wetsuits, wetsuit booties, wetsuits for women, 5mm wetsuits, 3mm wetsuits, 2mm wetsuits, full wetsuits, boys wetsuits, girls wetsuits, general purpose wet suits, surf wetsuits, neoprene wetsuits, neoprene socks, wetsuit steamers, winter steamers, wetsuit hoods, wetsuit boots, and drysuits / dry suits. In addition to a full range of cheap wetsuits we also have rash vests that are designed to be worn under your wetsuit to give you an extra thermal and comfort layer. Men's Rash Vests, Women's Rash Vests and Kid's Rash Vests. If you can't decide which wetsuit or rash vest is the best one for you then simply give us a call at the shop on 01903 249642 for some free expert advice or check out our free guide on how to buy a wetsuit.

Buoyancy Aids, Impact Vests and Life Jackets For Sale

Jobe Buoyancy Aids, Impact Vests and Life Jackets For Sale

Buoyancy Aids, or Personal Floatation Devices (PFD's) as they are often referred to, have come a long way in recent years and they are now light and comfortable to wear, attractive to look at, and do not restrict your movement like many older models used to. A Buoyancy Aid is fundamentally different in design and in purpose to a Life Jacket or an Impact Vest. Life Jackets provide 100N of floatation and are designed to keep you afloat, even if you can't swim, and to rotate you onto your back if you become unconscious so that your head is held above water and you can still breathe. Buoyancy Aids provide 50N of buoyancy and are simply designed to make life easier if you are taking part in a water sport that involves you actually being in the water a fair amount of the time, such as windsurfing or wakeboarding and will assist you in staying afloat but generally speaking you still need to be able to swim. Impact Vests also provide 50N of floatation and are like a buoyancy aid but with additional padding and protection in critical areas such as the chest and spine. These are designed specifically for high-impact water sports such as slalom skiing or wakeboarding.We sell Jobe Men's Buoyancy Aids, Women's Buoyancy Aids and Kid's Buoyancy Aids. If you need more advice then please feel free to call the shop on 01903 249642 or check out our free guide to Buying a Buoyancy Aid.

Towable Tubes For Sale

Jobe Towable Tubes For Sale

What watersports shop would be complete without a decent Towable Tubes department? If it's a towable tube you're after then check out our comprehensive range of Jobe Towable Inflatables (otherwise know as ski tube, water tube, water sport tube, inflatable tube or watersports tube). Our Towable Tubes section is where you can buy the full range of top quality Jobe Towables at great discount prices, plus towable accessories such as Boston Valves, foot pumps, electric pumps, towable tube repair kits, quick release harnesses, towable tow ropes and towable tube bags etc. We have also put together some great value exclusive towables packages that aren't available anywhere else so visit our Exclusive Towable Tube Packages page and grab some unique gear at an unbeatable price. If you need more help choosing then please feel free to call the shop on 01903 249642 or check out our free Towable Tube Maintenance and Inflation Guide and our guide Buying a Tubing Tow Rope and remember that we really know what we're talking about when it comes to towable tubes as we operate Towable Tube Rides to the general public during the Summer months at Goring Gap in Worthing, West Sussex.

Boat Accessories For Sale

Jobe Boat Accessories For Sale

Our ski boat department sells everything you could need to pimp your boat and make it into a real head-turner. As Jobe Premier Dealers we can supply the entire Jobe Wakeboard Tower range including all of the board racks, bimini tops, tower speakers, tower lights, ski mirrors, fat sacs / ballast tanks. As well as towers for boats (wake towers, wake board towers, wakeboarding towers, wakeboard towers, wake towers, wakeboard racks, wake tower, boat towers). Something unique to us is our exclusive fitted Wakeboard Tower packages, which come in a variety of styles and prices to suit everyone. We also have a great range of ski pylons and water ski poles.If you're new to boat ownership or towing a skier / wakeboarder then please read our article on boat driving and how to tow a water skier / wakeboarder which is crammed full of first hand advice and essential safety tips.

Surf Wear For Sale

Jobe Surf Wear For Sale

We stock all of the usual surfwear / surf wear, surf clothing, surf shorts and board shorts / boardshorts etc that you would expect from a water sports shop and we have Men's Surfwear, Women's Surfwear and Kid's Surfwear plus a selection of Water Sports Watches. We also carry excellent supplies of Bloc Eyewear and Bloc sunglasses plus the amazing Jobe floating sunglasses.

Tow Ropes and Handles for Wakeboarding, Water Skiing, Kneeboarding, Wake Surfing, Wake Skating, and Towable Tubes plus Spectra Rope

Jobe Tow Ropes and Handles For Sale

Whether you're into water skiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding or towable tubing, you're sure to find the right tow rope, ski rope, wakeboard handle, wakeboarding rope, ski handle, kneeboarding rope, spectra rope or towable tube rope in our towrope department. In addition to all of the ropes and handles you could possibly want we also carry an excellent range of tow bridles (for use on boats with an outboard motor), quick release harnesses (for use with single user towables to automatically detatch the tube in an emergency), and bungee extensions (short flexible rope sections designed to take the shock loads when tubung, thus protecting both the tube and the boat).

watersports bargains

Check our our Clearance Sale department and grab a genuine watersports bargain. Other stuff we sell includes Wake Skates and Wake Skate Bags plus Wake Surfers.

Cheapest Wakeboard Packages

Buy Cheap Wake Skates

Buy Buoyancy Aids, Life Vests, Life Preservers, PFD, Personal Floatation Device

Wakeboard Sale - Wakeboards at Genuine Sale Prices so Grab a Bargain

Buy Commercial Heavy Duty Rental Water Sports Equipment for Water Sports Schools, Clubs, Ski Schools, Associations, Scout Groups, Hotels, Caravan Parks and Water Sports Hire Centres

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Read our great beginners guides and get some excellent FREE advice and guidance

Sussex Watersports for exciting water sports activities at Sea Lane Cafe in Worthing, West Sussex - its one of the best fun things to do in West Sussex and a perfect day out with the kids

Sussex Water Sports for great fun easy to paddle kayaks for hire at Sea Lane Cafe, Worthing, West Sussex - its one of the best family activities and fun days out in West Sussex



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